Thursday, May 8, 2008

My sister in law started using this to keep in touch with family and friends, and so I thought I would give the darn thing a shot.
New things:
In January Mario took a promotion as a sous chef for Cinzetti's. In order to take the promotion he had to put school on hold for a little while. His Boss is willing to work with him, and allow him to keep his current position and return to school in the fall if he chooses. We are still awaiting his decision.
Mariah will be turning one in June. I can't hardly believe how quickly time has passed. She is walking, saying a few words, and just broke the skin on her two bottom teeth .. I must say I am a little worried about her biting me while nursing. She is independent and hard headed ... can't say which side of the family those traits came from.
Classes for me are out for the time being. Nursing classes will pick up for me in the fall. I am anxious but nervous. Most of all I am excited to think about graduation in just a few short years!