Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July!!!

I am sorry I am terrible at doing this. Why would I create a thing in which I am responsible to write on .. when I hate writing. Ahh .. such is life.
Forth of July was wonderful. I tried to have Mariah all prepped a day in advance. Her outfit was laid out, new earrings put in, and of course the little one received her first manicure and pedicure from Mom. I didn't attempt to do this while she was awake. To say the least I took advantage of her while she was sound asleep.
The day started off at a church breakfast. Of course the event I forgot to bring the camera too. Mario showed off his skills as a chef making omelets to order. Pancakes, sausage, and bacon were severed as well. He had a line for almost 2 hours straight. By far the most popular food station. Mariah enjoyed playing at the park and chasing around all the bigger kids, who were not interested her.
Later that afternoon we met up with family and friends in Loveland. Mario attempted to fly the kite, but with merely the tree tops moving in the wind, the kite didn't take off. After much aggravation he finally gave up. I think the best part was watching him run back and forth, hoping to catch some air. Thank goodness the grass stains on his pants, from tripping over his own feet, came out easily.
Mariah enjoyed her first snow cone, cherry flavored. To Moms surprise it didn't end up all over her. Thank goodness (I am obsessed with keeping a clean child).
Until the fireworks, we played at the park. Mariah loves the swings. I am so excited to move to a home with a backyard. The first thing I want to purchase is a swing set (well .. maybe another kitchen table first).