Thursday, June 19, 2008

I am so sorry that it took me so long to get this posted. Mariah awoke to Mario and I singing happy birthday. The morning began with breakfast prepared by daddy of sausage and eggs ... and a bottle of course. Mario's parents, sister, Tiffany Dixon, and Danny Sims joined us for a day of fun. Off to the zoo we went. Mariah enjoyed the fish and the giraffes most of all. Probably because these animals moved the most, making them easy for spotting. Halfway through the zoo trip we had to stop for an ice-cream cone and revive our bodies. We took Mariah into a bird cage where we were able to fee parrots nectar. When the cup o nectar was given to Mariah to hold, she crumpled it in her hand, bringing an end to the feeding of parrots.
Next came the petting zoo. There were goats, birds, and a giant turtle all for petting. Mariah chased the turtle all around the perimeter. He was perfect for chasing .. she could keep up with him!
After the zoo we all met up at Chukie Cheeses for pizza and fun. Little did we know they no longer have ball pits (our whole reason for going there). Most of the tokens were used by us older kids, only a handful Mariah used. Together we won enough tickets to buy Mariah a present. She ended up with a pink rubber ball with spiky appendages.
The day ended with the birthday cake. By this time of the Mariah was done and ready for bed. She didn't enjoy getting dirty very much.
On Saturday the 14th we had the birthday party hosted by the Perez family. We had piñatas, a pool, slip N slide, cake, and of course enough food to feed most of Colorado. Ausencio (Mario’s Dad) even made a pickle shaped piñata in honor of Mariah (pickle is her nickname). This time the cake was more fun to play in.
I still for the life of me can not believe she is a year old. I no longer need to keep track of my age, as long as Mariah is getting older, I know I am too.

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Jamie and Ryan said...

Mariah looks so big! I can't believe it!!! It's been a while since I've seen an updated picture of her. My little niece is growing up! It sounds like her birthday festivities were fun. I wish we could have been there!