Saturday, June 28, 2008

Into the Wind

Mario and I bought a kite at small store in the pearl street mall. Of course we had to take the kite out for a test drive. I think the last time I fly a kite was when I was pretty little. I remember having a cheap plastic Barbie kite - like something you would find for 99 cents at Wal-mart. Mario had no recollection of ever flying a kite, but assumed somewhere along the way he probably had. So really having no idea what we were doing, we set out for some fun.
Kite flying turned out to be much easier then I imagined. First shot and the kite was off the ground. We managed to keep it in the air the entire time, with no nose dives into trees or telephone wires.
Mariah sat on the ground in complete awe for about 5 minutes, with her pointer finger aimed at the sky. She attempted to help daddy hold the line, but soon realized that it wasn't much fun sharing, she wanted to hold it all by herself. Mario suggested that next time we get something much larger; He needs more of a challenge!

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Jamie and Ryan said...

Fun! Sounds like you guys are kite-flying pros. It's been ages since I've flown a kite. Maybe Ryan and I will have to give it a try sometime in the near future.